Cutting Waste Part 2

Cutting waste and reducing your impact on the environment was the subject of the last article here at Organic Sanity and I want to continue this theme with a slight variation in not cutting physical waste but actually cutting power wastage and some of the simple, yet obvious things that you can do to achieve this that a surprisingly large amount of people still do not do!

Reduce Power Consumption

First and a real no brainer is to turn down the thermostat on your water heater. Even cutting this by two degrees make a huge saving not just on your power bill each year but reduces your impact on the power consumption of the whole planet. "Yeah, right..." I can hear all the numbskulls saying to themselves "My two degrees is gonna make such a huge difference hahaha!" Well as I mentioned in the last post, if no one else did it, then you'd be right and I'd be the idiot.

But the idea is that if a thousand people did it in every town, that would make a huge impact on fuel wastage by morons who think this is all a joke and the power will never run out!

You can tell I'm ever so slightly passionate about this!

Radiant Heat Loss

Next fuel saving tip is to close your curtains at dusk in the cold weather season. Why? It cuts down on the amount of heat escaping through the glass in your windows. Glass is a lousy insulator and a large percentage of heat is lost through the glass in windows and doors in a house.

Next fuel saver is to check you have turned off that hot water tap properly. If its dripping, then that is your money dripping down the plug hole along with more wasted fuel. Another no brainer.

Another thing that gets me mad is when I see someone filling a kettle to the brim to make a single cup of coffee or tea. Why would anyone want to boil a gallon of water to make one cup of hot beverage? Well, an idiot would because an idiot doesn't know any better.

But most people are not idiots, so why do they do it? Beats me, but they're wasting a huge amount of fuel. The average kettle drains a massive three kilowatts of electricity out of the grid every time its switched on so it makes good horse sense to only boil as much as you're going to use.

Common sense? You bet!

Power Cudes

The last fuel saving tip covers a whole host of idiot gadgets. Power cubes, phone chargers, TV and DVD player standby modes etc... Oh boy, don't get me started on these babies!

Power cubes consume far more electricity than they actually dish out to the appliance they are powering. This is bad enough as often you have no choice on this, but if you leave them plugged in when you're not using the appliance guess what? They're still drawing power!


Who the hell know why they're designed that way but whoever the moron is who invented the damn things should have used a tiny bit of common sense and built in a simple mechanism to stop them doing it. Because people are often forgetful and leave them plugged in without realising that they're stealing electricity from them and adding an extra overhead to their quarterly bill!

Phone chargers are just as bad, drawing power even after your phone is fully charged up. You need to unplug them as soon as you can to save wasting electricity.

Best Until Last

But I save the best to last. The standby mode on your TV, stereo or video/DVD unit and can also found on a whole host of other electrical appliances that can be operated with a remote control. Guess what is happening when you switch any of them to standby?

They are drawing almost as much power as they would be if they were fully on! That means if you go to bed and leave all your entertainment systems, TVs and whatnots all left on standby mode, you are effectively doubling your electricity usage over time - that's doubling your bill people!

Try being a little old fashioned and switching the appliance off with the "Off" switch instead of flipping the remote at it. You'll be amazed at how much money you'll save and the energy suppliers will thank you for it by reducing the load on the generators. Which cuts the amount of fuel wasted to produce that electricity in the first place.

Which is good for the planet that you live on.

Win-win, I believe this situation is called...