Cutting Waste Part 3

Well I'm back again with another instalment on how to cut down on waste in all areas of your life here at Organic Sanity. This time I want to look at some simple ways of brightening up your garden at night without drawing any power from the national grid.

Solar Powered Lighting

Solar garden lighting has come a long way in recent years with a more user friendly profile and a more in your face positioning at the big DIY stores. Add to that the fact that they have come down in price quite a lot as well as improving the amount of light emitted with ever better LED's (Light Emitting Diodes).

And they are now a seriously good choice for providing some nice ambient lighting for patios, paths and other areas that you need some light outside bit don't want to be a drain on the nation's power resources.

Different types of solar lighting can be easily sourced from many different big DIY outlets such as B&Q, Homebase etc as well as large supermarkets that carry home and garden supplies and also garden centres.

Garden Lighting

Solar garden lights work on a simple principle that uses a small solar (photovoltaic) panel which generates electricity when the sun shines on it. This electricity is then fed into small rechargeable batteries housed inside the unit.

When the sun goes down, they can be set to automatically switch themselves on (or it can be done manually) and the small, electricity miser LED emits a bright white light powered from the batteries. A full sunny day's charging will be enough to keep them lit all night long and they will then switch off when the sun's light hits the photovoltaic panel and the cycle begins anew.

This is such a great way of cutting waste by not using national grid electricity to light your garden especially when for the most part, no one is even going to be in the garden!

So if you haven't already got some, go out and buy some!