Organic Growing By Companion Planting Part 1

Following on from the last post on coping with bugs in your organic crops, there are some more excellent ways to cut down on the damage some little nasties will do to your carefully tended vegetables if you let them!

One sure fire way to practically cut our attacks on two popularly grown vegetables, carrots and onions is to plant them together. I'll explain.

Carrots and Onions

Carrots are often blighted with attacks by the carrot fly, which lays it's eggs on the new growing root and the grubs eat their way through the maturing plant and ruin it. The same goes for the onion fly, which is another real menace when it finds your patch.

But guess what - they each hate the smell of each other's lunch!

Yep, if you inter-plant onions and carrots in the same bed, the smell of the carrots will deter the onion fly and the smell of the onions will deter the carrot fly!

This type of organic gardening is known as companion planting and there are a lot of different combinations you can try that will cut down considerably on damage from common pests.

Avoid Monocropping

Being that you are growing your own vegetables organically, of course you won't entirely remove the problem, because nature will always find a way, but you can limit the damage an awful lot by careful planning when it comes to planting your precious crops.

So if you had a mind to create a whole bed just with carrots... don't!

Monocropping as it's known is the bane of the organic gardener and a green light to all the hungry bugs that love that one particular flavour of vegetable, so it's always a good idea to mix up your vegetables in each bed.

Just like it would happen naturally in nature!