About Us

Welcome to the "about us" page of Organic Sanity. This website is all about promoting a natural and ecologically friendly lifestyle, natural and organic food, environmentally friendly products and services and generally all things organic.

It's a great interest of mine and I like to keep in touch with ways to make our world a cleaner, nicer and healthier place to live on.

An organic lifestyle incorporates a variety of nature-friendly aspects from the food we eat and the water that we drink to the ways in which our food is farmed or produced and our businesses do business.

Without wanting or seeking to wear the "eco-warrior" label, I like to peacefully promote a more ecologically sustainable and clean way of living by doing things in harmony with nature to the best of our ability.

In short, I'm looking to a kind of calm sanity in a world that appears to all intents and purposes to be trying to send itself completely mad with ever more environmentally unsound practices. Practices that in many cases, the silent majority of people don't even get the chance to accept because they're kept in the dark about many of them.

Let sanity return and an organic way of live prevail!