Living in the Countryside

Living in the countryside has always been a healthier option to living in a polluted, overcrowded and over-stressful city. The benefits to health are endless when you consider the cleaner air, more open space, a slower pace of life etc. But there is living in the countryside and living in the countryside!


If you live in an area surrounded by intensively run farms, you are at a disadvantage when it comes to environmental freedom of pollutants to those living in areas surrounded by organic farms.

Crop spraying is a menace to the health of anyone living in close proximity to this awful practice as the chemicals which are almost always highly toxic are spread for several miles on the wind and even on still days, the spray particulates will rise into the air to be transported along by the air currents and finally come down to earth on your home.

Not a nice thought, but one many people living withing this catchment area often do not even address.


Because they simply are not aware of the dangers.

Dangers of Intensice Farming

Sure, awareness of the dangers of coming into contact with the toxic chemical cocktails sprayed onto crop fields is much higher than it was thirty years ago. But there is still a level of apathy in people that live a few miles away from these farms, because they simply don't realise the extent of travel of these airborne poisons.

So what can be done?

Unfortunately not much, apart from the drastic measure of actually physically moving away to a safer locality. Very large farms are not likely to want to convert to organic practices because they probably make enough money doing what they're doing, so why change?

Environment and pollution are factors that don't come into their equations when deciding on their farming practices. Money is the driving force here, so don't expect the owners of these farms to want to help heal any environments that they probably don't live anywhere near in any case.

So that leaves the conscientious environmentally aware person with little option than to pick up sticks and move elsewhere.

If that's you, and you have made that decision to move to a better place, by doing plenty of research into the area you plan on moving to first, you stand a pretty good chance of finding an organically farmed area in which to settle down.

Good luck!

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