Garden Pruners

Welcome back to the organic food blog that is in need of some new aticles, I believe! Ok, well, to get the ball rolling once again, I thought a good way to do that would be to mention something that is useful in the garden and can be a part of your garden recycling program, which is really the making of your own compost.

The tool in question are the extremely handy garden pruners!

What Are they Used For?

Garden pruners are used for a variety of jobs in the garden not least of those being the regular pruning of shrubs and woody plants that are either getting to big for their place or need pruning to encourage lots of new, bushy growth, or to make more flowers or fruits.

When I have nothing better to do, I also use my pruners for cutting up longer woody stems into shorter ones for scattering on the compost heap in amongst all the other garden and kitchen waste. This helps to vary the material in the heap and also creates more small pockets of air to help the bacteria do their job of breaking down the plant matter into usable compost in a few months time.

Less Waste

Ok, this was never going to be a long post but its important to know that there are many things you can do in your own garden that will result in less waste being sent to landfill and more natural goodness for your own soil where you will grow, hopefully, your own fruits and vegetables in order to take a step back from the chemical laden produce that turns up in your local supermarket or even your local farm shop.

Remember, even organic farms are permitted to use certain pesticides ad chemical on their produce and it is a rare farm indeed that uses none whatsoever. If you have one of those near to you, then you are very lucky indeed.

Otherwise, make a point of growing at least some of your own food without any chemicals to give your body a chance to stay as free of agricultural chemical residues as possible. And get your own garden pruners out and get on top of things!

If you're looking for a little more reading matter on this subject, here's a decent article that expands upon the benefits of a good pair of garden pruners!

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